The Manor

The Manor building was rebuilt from its foundation and is located in the centre of the complex. Having served as a war tower in 1891, it is characterised, architecturally, by severe angles, austere lines and symmetry.

The ground floor - where the cellar of the old estate was, whose floor was preserved literally tile by tile, and whose rooms and arched windows were also maintained - hosts the reception area and spacious lounges set up in front of two large fireplaces. There is also an area that has been converted for board games, backgammon and cards. A bar in the same area offers coffee, drinks, light meals, and sweets.

On the two floors of the estate, there are 12 rooms, including one suite and three Deluxe rooms. In the common areas of the first and second floors, you can relax in the sitting areas with a view of the fir tree forest or enjoy the atmosphere of the past by perusing old family photographs and items that were preserved from the time when the old estate was in its prime.